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Help me choose, Mikrotek vs. Edgerouter lite vs. dd-wrt I'd rate the Mikrotik as being a bit more user friendly at this current time, but Ubiquiti recently released their 1.6 firmware for the Edgerouter Lite, which helps a lot with the management side of things. Documentation for the Mikrotik is much better at this point in time, and their user base and firmware have been around for longer. Network Time Protocol - DD-WRT Wiki Note: A time server is hard-coded into the DD-WRT firmware. If you enable the NTP Client (that's the default setting) but leave the Server IP/Name field blank, your router will synchronize anyway. One forum poster has reported a time server (ntp2.usno.navy.mil) in his config file. Brainslayer is mum on the issue.

Oct 17, 2017

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Dec 23, 2009

DD-WRT PPTP VPN Server Setup - YouTube Feb 02, 2015 Alternatives to RouterOS (RB951G-2HnD) : mikrotik Over the years we have installed a number of Mikrotik devices at various client sites and would like to be alerted when they go down. Because a handful of them are behind dynamic IP addresses, it would make more sense for them to do an outbound fetch versus responding to an inbound ping, then the server hosting the fetched string could send us an alert email if any given Mikrotik hasn't