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The CTP DICOM anonymizer is a PipelineStage called DicomAnonymizer that handles the initialization of the stage when CTP starts and processes DicomObjects when they are passed to it by the pipeline. Anonymizer Guards Against Evercookie JavaScript API With Anonymizer Nevercookie simplifies this process and eliminates the manual steps required to completely remove Evercookies. And it does so without also removing all of the necessary cookies that a The DicomAnonymizerTool - MircWiki D:\JavaPrograms\DicomAnonymizerTool>java -jar DAT.jar Usage: java -jar DAT.jar {parameters} where: -in {input} specifies the file or directory to be anonymized If {input} is a directory, all files in it and its subdirectories are processed. -out {output} specifies the file or … IP anonymization with gtag.js | Analytics for Web (gtag.js) Mar 11, 2019

Anonymizer (Hadoop 1.0.4 API)

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public void anonymize() throws java.lang.Exception Anonymizes the input. This function can be reused (with new k maybe), as long as eqTable and anonTable objects are fresh and the configuration has not changed. Specified by: anonymize in class Anonymizer Throws: java.lang.Exception