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Which DNS Server Should You Use On Your Computer

Nov 27, 2007 TCP IP settings on Windows | GCI Support To get a DNS server address automatically using DHCP, select Obtain DNS server address automatically, and then select OK. To specify a DNS server address, select Use the following DNS server addresses, and then, in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server boxes, type the addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers. × What is a DNS Server? Internet Networking Explained

10 Of The Best DNS Servers for Gaming you must try in 2020

The DNS renames the IP addresses of the visited websites to a more user-friendly name. For instance, the DNS will rename the IP address to Internet domain names are simple unlike IP addresses which are hard to remember. The DNS also stores other types of information. How to set preferred DNS Servers via DHCP Oct 30, 2015 How to set a static IP address on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech May 11, 2020 How to correctly set the DNS server for USG? : Ubiquiti Jun 16, 2012