We have created this short guide to help you enable port forwarding on your Belkin F7D1301 v1 router. We will show you: 1 How to setup a static IP address on the device you plan on forwarding ports to. 2 How to login to the Belkin F7D1301 v1 router’s interface. 3 How to find the port forwarding page in the router’s web interface.

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Jul 13, 2014

Linksys Official Support - Assigning a static IP Address Assigning a static IP address on a computer allows it to have the same IP address every time it starts up. The static IP Address that you will create should have the same first three sets of numbers on your router’s local IP address. This enables the router to determine that the computer is part of its network. Setting up a static IP address for PS4 - Ubisoft Support


In short the Router identifies the MAC during the DHCP and assigns the device with this MAC a specific predefined IP, thus making it work as static IP. (not true static, but it works). If you assign a device a static IP, but DHCP on router is not skipping this static IP then you will end up with IP … Linksys Official Support - Assigning a Static IP Address Assigning a static IP address on an access point allows you to use the same IP address all the time regardless of where it is connected, making it easier to access its web-based setup page for any configuration changes. Belkin International, Inc., including all affiliates and subsidiaries (“Belkin”, “us” or “we”) thanks you for Belkin Play Max Wireless Router Specs - CNET